some update

Hello =)

Have not been blogging for so long, that I actually don't know what to blog about and how to start. Been pretty busy right after presentation but now I'm free and slacking. XD 

Bunch of issues has been worrying me lately and I don't know how to talk it out. Hopefully I can overcome this hurdle. 

Anyway, lets not talk about it just yet!

Presentation Day is finally over for about like 2 weeks! It went alright, comments were alright and I'm just glad I could get it over with. =) Now we're just waiting for our results.

Right after presentation day, I kept going back to W.Maju for movies, karaoke outings etc. Feels good to be busy but lately I've been slacking. 

Went to Pulau Ketam with friends and a whole big group of Graphic Design students..=) and got back some amazing photos. I'm in love with it! It feels kind of funny being the only one using film with a whole group of DSLR's and digital cams...

Here's the outcome =)
LC-A+ as camera of weapon
Fuji Velvia 100 as the poison..

More pics soon..=)

have a good night!
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