At times it could be difficult when self doubt arises from within. It is really the matter of whether you allow it or not. If, just be a little thick skinned, just be a little more daring, just do not care a other words, just be a little bit more confident.

Then it really won't be a big deal whether or not you are good or bad, weak or strong, talented or mere human.

It's okay to not know for we have not learn. It's just who we are, if we find it necessary to change it..then change if not, just keep it as it is part of who we are.

I'm still learning, it's not just about studying or gaining knowledge. It's how our attitude towards it and how to collaborates with our personality to come out with that outcome. So if the outcome turns out like shit, well maybe that is because I'm going through a shitty phase but that doesn't mean it will stay shitty. It's bound to change and as we learn it will change for the better. It's something innate in all of us.

I'm just reasoning whatever self doubt that is about to come up.

nites =)
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