When it's pouring, just watch a movie


Just woke up from a very nice comforting sleep. Love it when you had a long day, waking up from that sleep is the best feeling ;) Yes, I realised it's only 2 am right now.

Overall it was a good day but in terms of progress wise...neh... not so good. I have got to accept that. Went to college because it was compulsory, went for lunch with my classmates which ended up as something funny and uncalled for. When someone ask for 2 drinks and 6 straws cuz 1 seems over board (free refills), I felt like wearing my sunglasses because I didn't want to be recognised but only to be reminded(by friends) that I was wearing MIA ID Department T shirt. XD 

Went to try Tutti Fruiti, not too bad, too bad the other 4 flavours were out. Went back to the mall and BOOM! it started raining heavily. So we catch a movie instead...I am Number 4.

Not too bad! Action, romance, a lil comedy~ I went ga ga over the part where one of the characters had a whole table collection of analogue cameras...<3! haha viva la analogue!!!

Random thoughts..(well maybe not so random)

  1. I forgot how important it was to socialise. It feels like I've been into seclusion and the stress of other things pushes me farther back. Shutting doors, closing blinds is definitely not helping. 
  2. wtf...why the fuck people think I'm so stressed out that I look like I'm gonna burst out in tears? btw, I'n not freaking suicidal okay. So get off my case. ergh... I'm not even gonna make a deal out of it -_- I'm gonna get out of there and things are going to get way much better.
  3. Thanks for a good day. All the funny quirks and random spontaneity is just what I need.
  4. So close that I can feel it and yet I can't believe it. So far to go in terms of things to do, but gotta try to achieve it. It's so close, and this time it means so much that it has another level to it. It means so much that when I hear a song with some words related, my heart/mind responds to it so deeply. Bloody hell, I wish it was more related to design and expression of design which I lacked of rather than being emotionally tied to it. But it's only a stepping stone to many more things to come. So screw it if it doesn't come out as something to be "discussed" about. one day it will be ^^

with love =) have a good day ahead
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