This is the second time I got sick during a critical period. The first time was dengue during finals in Semester 3. Thankfully this time is not that bad and not as near to the finals as last time. 

Came back from fetching my parents and bro so we decided to go for McDonalds. I made a horrible wrong choice by ordering the Prosperity Burger. Even thinking about it makes me gag! Black pepper overdose..I think my tummy couldn't handle it. Yikes. 

Vomited last night and this morning. Eww, I forgot what vomiting does to your body. I had no energy for the entire day until now. Which I'm still a little woozy.. and I'm having final critic on Thurs. "Fascinating." I

oh well...All the best! and NO MORE PROSPERITY BURGER....EVER!

I don't get why are they even selling it. 

I hope I have enough strength tonight and tomorrow for me to survive this Thursday...!
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