it's been raining the last few days and it feels so so cold! The kinda cold that makes you want to drink hot soup and be all cuddly under the sheets! 

Almost Chinese New Year! Got the mood yet? do ya? not much of the mood around here, but I appreciate the cold weather rather than the usual scorching hot that makes you want to use the air-cond 24/7 and as you do that you can witness the destroying of Earth. 

Saw this today, and I like it very much. Sometimes we don't realise how things happen around affect us emotionally. Easier said than done, but better be aware than never realising it at all! 

These days I have trouble sleeping. =( Last night well..I slept this morning actually. Around 6'ish -_- I think it's because of the drink I made. Coffee+ Milo powder with some Nestum.. Yums! haha Perfect warm drink for a cold cold night.

So, I thought I would be prepared to go for college today. But I wasn't prepared enough. I just hope I have enough direction to do go on with it. *fingers crossed!* Critic 3(b) just got changed to the 10th of February. Wish me luck and hope things go on great! I really hope so! * i can hear the bells of freedom ringing*

need to get back that inner motivation. It's in there somewhere...So today is just movie watching, book reading, picture printing, Face-booking, Blog writing, MSN chatting and all the other doings except assignment. =P

Well, that's all for now. Gonna enjoy the rest of my insomniac night. 

buh bye!

Happy Chinese New Year <3 in advance ;)

may you all have a very prosperous new year. xoxo
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