Family Reunion

I had class on last Saturday, February 12 and I didn't feel like going at all. But still, dragged my butt all the way to college anyway. 

Jammed from the moment I started using the MRR2. Was wondering if I could reach college on time or would I be terribly late. =/ Everybody reaches late to that class... Business Practice..

Amount of cars. I'm so glad I don't drive a manual car..
Already wishing I didn't go...but took this pic to show my awesome fake Rayban. XD haha! 

In the end, I reached just a few minutes late. Which wasn't so bad. After class, almost the whole class had lunch and went to Leong's house. I didn't take any pictures. XD 2 photographers were there. Shongen with his DSLR and Kai Yuan with her digital. I just put mine aside. I just snap a few shots using my LC-A+. Collecting the rolls of film to be developed to save some cost.

I didn't stay long at Leong's house, I had to rush back home to get ready for a family reunion dinner from dads side. Once a year kind of thing. =) I usually don't exactly look forward to it for some reason. Massively big group of people makes me feel awkward. But I went anyway it was good this year! =) 

if we were to gather everyone...I don't think the our faces will still be visible in the shot.
This is less than half I presume. =P
This is my favourite shot. My cousins and I(as shown in pic) used to play
together during dinner reunions. Just like these 3 little girls. haha! How we've grown. 
Dad with some of his brothers and sisters =)
Cutie pies!!!
So it ended well, was so exhausted from that day, I just post up the pictures and left it till today to post it up.

The end is near! gotta fight!!! I can feel my freedom...and I can't wait! Back to work~ I am not expecting much anymore. As long as I can pass and graduate with smiles on my face and a contented heart.
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