Skipping/skipped class
I want to feel the excitement and the cheerfulness again. Rather than feeling down down down...=/

Final critic is coming really really really soon like damn soon and I can't say I'm prepared for it, but gotta try  *fingers crossed* that it all goes well.

Can't believe how fast time flies and we always never realise how fast time flies. Gotta stop counting the days and start making the days count!!!

This whole 3D thing and presentation visual has got me worried which is a big NO NO! Burn those feelings, push them away, send them to exile!!! The day is approaching(critic and final the FINAL presentation) as much as it is somewhat worrying, it's also liberating at the same time... My college life is about to come to an end! wow...2 1/2 years just went by like that. O_O

Wish me luck, wish that I am enjoying it, wish that my worries are at its minimum or rather none! wish that I am loving it because it is the process that counts ;)

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