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Hello! Second day of college of the year =)

I just got my first roll of LC-A+ today! I'm so happy =) I'm totally in love with my new camera but right now I don't pick it up much to snap around. Have to focus on my final project first... Yes I do snap a little here and there but not as much as I would like too. I even stopped buying films. Well no, that's a lie! I just bought 3 rolls today. =P

Multiple Exposure. Christmas Deco, The Gardens

 When I first got interested in Lomography, it was kind of a trend at that time and I thought those plastic toy cameras were so darn cute and the pictures it produced was downright awesome! So I decided to give it a try, since I like playing around with my second lover the digital camera. 

at my rented room before moving out. The day I got my LC-A+!

I never realised the history of Lomography or whatsoever or the cameras until I started researching and reading up more on Lomography. I even joined the website and started learning more about it =) I researched and discovered that I was drawn to the Fisheye and the black edges effect. Many has against my decision to get the Fisheye so I decided to go for the Holga 135BC. (still loads to learn from and about it!)

Now I have a Holga, a UWS and a LC-A+ <3

mum and I if you can spot me in it. =)

Morning breakfast at a dimsum shop which 3 of my friends have NO SLEEP. haha I had 2/3 hours =P
I fell in love with film because of the crazy multiple exposures that you can get and the crazy effect of the slide films ( though I have not experiment with much yet) but as time goes by, I start to love film in a much more deeper manner as in, it's not about going with the Lomoragphy lifestyle(which is awesome btw) but rather into analogue photography. The way film help us document memories that are so permanent that is so beautiful in its imperfections. 

on the road back home...

on the way back home and I got bored 
I've always loved looking at old pictures and I still remember awe'ing over my brothers experimental photography with film. It was a multiple exposure but ghostlike effect. 

Bro, mum and dad, making tong yuen.

explaining to my bro about my camera and tada! 
All these photographs are documented memories that nobody can take away or fake it because it is permanent the moment you hit that shutter button! The feeling is so satisfying and totally different from the "oh-so-perfect" shots derived from DSLR's. It's due to the fact that people always ask to see the pictures and only asking to delete them because that angle of their face isn't right. We all do it but sometimes enough is enough. I like taking pictures when people are caught off guard at times because those are the best ones! 

Taman Botani, Putrajaya =) 
Not to say that DSLR's aren't awesome because I've met some people who I think has done wonders with their DSLR's. But you can't deny the fact that DSLR's seem to be the "must have's" these days and the need to get that perfect picture, with that wide angle and the photoshopped ambience is a little too much at times. 

Breakfast =)

It's like putting up make up everyday instead of appreciating your own natural beauty. 

It's fine to have some make up once in a while, but natural is good too. 

Another thing I like about film, you don't have to photoshopped your pictures! It's a skill that I think it's admirable. (you would think so if you come from a generation that relies on IT lifestyle)

booking for bicycles ;)
It's an amazing thing to go back to, because you won't know what damage you have done until you get it from the developing shop only to be greeted with surprise and disappointments. Having said that, it only makes you want to try more because to me it seems that, those surprises always surpass those disappointments. I just hope one day I can be nearly as good as others whose pictures I look upon. Something I'm willing to spend my time, money and effort (for now and ever I hope) on.

riding bicyle, you can spot one who doesn't know how XD

the beauty of nature

As now Lomography is becoming trendier by the moment, I hope people can keep part of the Lomographic spirit in them rather than to just be "in" at that moment in time. If you think about it, as fun as it sounds, Lomography teaches us many things in life, how to live our own life...the values and such. I personally think it's a waste to just buy the damn toy camera for superficial reasons.

It's only been a few months but there is still loads to learn, about Lomography and analogue photography. 

With love~

these are some of the photo's from my LC-A+ today =)!

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