Vivian Maier- Her discovered work

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I was reading an article from and I came across an article of Vivian Maier. It's alright if you don't know her because now you will! I didn't know who she was either...she wasn't some famous photographer but her photographs were discovered and her work are being appreciated... a good eye for street photography in the 50's.

Seriously, her works are....amazing. Won't elaborate much, I'm just gonna let you judge on your own. Here's part of the article from Lomography Magazine.

Not much is known about Vivian Maier. But the story starts off with John Maloof, a real estate agent, chanced uponed Vivians’s treasure trove while at a furniture and antique auction. Little did he know what was in store for him inside a tiny little box and what this chance encounter would lead him to. 
As Maloof pored over the Vivian’s 100,000 negatives, he realized just how talented and gifted she was. He picked up photography and was completely floored when he started comparing his shots to hers. “Throughout that time, I’d compare my work to Vivian’s and think, ‘Wow, this isn’t good for me.’ She was teaching me photography. I bought some books by street photographers such as Harry Callahan, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lee Friedlander. I thought, she’s special – doesn’t anybody know?” At that time, googling her name only led to 1 hit – an obituary.

The burning desire to know Vivian’s past paved to way for her work and subsequently, her story, to reach the world. John, through the help of the internet and keen sleuthing on his part, was able to piece together a small glimpse of her life, which is detailed here.

Some of the info are conflicting. Some are solid leads. There are dozens of questions that are begging to be asked but sadly, we will never have the chance to ask them. So let’s just appreciate and remain spellbound by her photos and consider ourselves lucky that we’ve discovered mid-century America through her eyes.

Please do check it out! The photographs are really great. Go to her blog, read up on it and just view the pictures posted....go on!

Here's her link ;) Vivian Maier-Her discovered work
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