Pictureless words...

bear with me. Pictures have to be put on hold...=/

I can't seem to transfer my pictures from the camera to the desktop =( I wonder why is that...It's making blogging a little bit harder without the pictures I need. Plus it's troublesome to open up the laptop to transfer the pics into the laptop only to put them into a thumbdrive and transfered to the desktop.

Critic was on Monday, 2 days ago. I'm glad and anxious at the same time! I'm glad that there is one more critic to go by which everything must almost be done. Which is what I'm anxious about~

Anyway, updates!

Monday, after critic, KY got sick, probably food poisoning cuz of the "clean" food from Calypso. So brought her to the clinic at Wangsa, and I think we waited for nearly 2 hours! Just for a 5-10 minute consultation. -_-" I'm not liking the clinics over there at all. So after that, Peggy came down to see KY and it was 5.30 pm and I couldn't go home because it would jam the whole way back. So we fetch KY home, Peggy and I went to Wangsa Walk to buy movie tickets. =) yes! movie at long last... haha Later on joined by Nelson and Jyh Pei.

We watched The Tourist. hmm..an okay movie...

Tuesday, which was yesterday...haha I loved yesterday. I had a great day! Had a date with some of my classmates to go for karaoke. I agreed when they asked without any hesitation because it was a well deserved outing. = ) After so long of being socially deprived, I definitely wanted to go out. Went to Times Square to go for Karaoke..I reached there at 11am but everyone else reached there an hour late. -_-

I walked around till my feet ached (was wearing heels after so long) and I found Borders! They re-located to LG-west and downsized to Borders Express. T_T   I felt so sad... The place is really small now and it's located at a place where nobody goes. At a sad corner.. =(

Anyway, we met up at Neway...sound system that day was horrific. So loud! But fun nonetheless, it wasn't enough though. No one sang till they were satisfied. haha. Then, off we went shopping! I finally get to start doing a little bit of CNY shopping. Bought myself some stuff thanks to Nichole's help ;) Surprisingly Sungei Wang actually have some nice stuff there. I usually never get to buy anything there..XD I guess some things have changed.

After dinner I went back home and my feet wished it could be soaked in nice warm water.

Today, when I woke up, it naturally declared as a REST DAY. My feet ached! and I just laze the whole day and it never felt so good. Guilt free rest. Now I'm off to find something to do...other than homework...=P

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