On a Saturday Night

Hello hello,

One day it is cold from morning till night because of the non-stop rain and another day it is hot hot hot. 

Had a class presentation today on business practice class and it was as funny as ever. Basically everyone had the same content in their slide show. The only difference is the slide design and the company name. It's like everyone was so open about it and at the same time you just wanna put a nice brown paper bag over your head.

It's all fun to be at that moment, laughing together in the class but...(yes, the "but") it's actually not good. I'm being analytical and serious about this matter. I'm part of this "culture" which I'm not too proud of. From this I can conclude that whatever we do, have the same substance but different packaging. No surprise, nothing new, we're just too ignorant or uncommitted to work harder to find out more. In simple words, we didn't put our heart into it. I wonder does this reflect back into our overall Malaysian culture. 

It got me thinking, on the way back home... it doesn't matter what you do, whether you are cut out for it or not, as long as you put your heart into it...that is what makes it worthwhile doesn't it? I feel like I have to relearn all these values that was actually taught to us, probably instilled but just seemed forgotten. 

I feel a little confused at times, I feel that our youth/generation are becoming blinded with what the media is feeding us in terms of materials, expectations, values etc. I'm part of that generation, I can't help but be part of it...sometimes I enjoy it, to want what everybody wants etc and sometimes I feel that it's totally not the point. ahhh...why scrunch up my face in an endless thought right? As long as I believe what I'm doing is right and that I am happy with it. ;)

Anyway, I had some retail therapy just now...and it's not clothes shopping..it is stationary shopping. XD Spent money of craft paper, notebook and parcel string. It felt sooo good I'm feeling guilty. I want to get active, I'm feeling like I'm having a mundane lifestyle at the moment. I feel like I should be OUT THERE! not in here...

Well, I'm not complaining, life is about how you create yourself isn't it? =) and it is only the beginning...haha

take care~

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