Dear Blog

Dear blog,

you've made it into another year! A new year, a clean new slate, a new plain canvas waiting to be painted with wonderful memories =)

This year, I've made some resolutions and most importantly I'm going to focus on being more positive,pro-active and happy! That is just some of the key words..there are more!

It's really important on our outlook on life or the events that happened in our lives. So I'm going to try to change mine into a more positive one. Why bummed out when you can be amped up! It's going to take some practice and lots of reminding but it's going to be worth it. At least some form of improvement is good. 

So yeah, I'm looking forward to an adventurous year actually, new experiences, new discoveries ;) Talking about it already making me feel excited. haha

First day of college today, 
Not much of an excitement, I came in at 9.30am and I was the 3rd person there. The rest came in a lot later, haha nothing much to be hyped out about. I didn't expect to show anything because lecturers was suppose to assess the Sem 5's and well I showed...cuz one thing you learn...NEVER keep Ms. Ooi waiting. haha or else she will go berserk. 

anyway, showed....and a lot of things to reconsider. Yikes! I hope I can survive through this last one =) 

Thanks =) with love
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