I just got both rolls of film developed yesterday and the outcome that I thought I would get for each roll was exactly the opposite. So it's like disappointment and joy for each at the same time. 

I still got loads to learn and I should be more careful and spontaneous at the same time. Balance? Here's some of the pics! 

This roll is the one that got me disappointed. I thought I got it right, maybe I was too careful and careless. Here a the few that I like.

Camera: Holga 135 BC
Film      : Expired Film
On the road ;) 

Kenji carrying Nichole's bag. XD

I really liked this one. How clear the picture..the colours and the angle the picture is caught.

This is the roll that got me by surprise. I thought it was ruined by the heat.

Camera: Ultra Wide Slim
Film     : Kodak Elitechrome EBX (35mm,iso100)

Trip to Dataran Merdeka
I like this building. White Yellow and Black. reminds me of Yellow Cab


love the coconut trees and the river water(i think its a river)

THIS IS THE ONE! omg *jumps around like a fan girl*
made a frown turn upside down!!!

at a park near my home. Huge lake. 

view from balcony, i think if the building wasn't in..whoa..would make a killer picture!