Okay it is down right frustrating.

What's so frustrating? Me -_-

Yes.. was productive and now I'm back to slacking again. wth! I'm seriously not liking this lar. *continuously banging head on table* feel so negative...negative aura around me~ It has to GO AWAY. I can feel it killing my brain cells. 

Brain cells can regenerate by the way. =)

Critic this Thursday. Class tomorrow. 

Sigh. Not in the mood. 

I don't want to listen to it anymore. It's making me feel so negative and I don't like it. I don't want to hear things like it anymore even though it is tempting. It's making me have the wrong impressions and when I should be concentrating on other stuff, this thing is bugging me all the time. The odd thing is, it's not even about the past. It's just...other people. @_@

This kind of things will never stop will it? and even if it has nothing to do with you....you would still want to know it. 

I feel so out of control. Makes me just want to walk away, do any other thing..avoid. Again. =/

I can't control everything too much and yet I can let it out of hand. What do I do? Feel like I'm thinking a lot again. 

Calm down, and move on. Accept whatever that may be thrown towards you, just don't get so down about it. No point regretting, no point blaming. Accept that and I hope things will feel better. It did, but I lost it's magic and I'm bummed out about it. Because it probably makes me feel that I have to forever go through like this. Go through the same phase until I get it and loose it again. 

It's damn tiring, sometimes I just don't want to try anymore.But then again, it's simple enough and it's just me and what I decide to do.


I hope that my WILL is strong enough. =) 
I just hope I can be proactive and initiative enough...so I can always have a better tomorrow, a happier me and amped up to face it all. 
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