It's 5.40am T_T

A little bit of consideration won't hurt...

I really have nothing to say or perhaps I should say something?

I woke up at 3.45 am. Been browsing the internet for more than an hour now. I want to grumble so badly. But if I don't plan to say anything, I might as well keep my mouth shut. Doesn't mean my fingers can't type it out can they. =P

Argh. Gotta study. Test tomorrow.

I wonder how awake will I be today? Don't even know whether if there is class. What the heck....


Those little devils are creeping into my mind again. But I caught them before it's too late. It's starting to creep up again. Blah... Focus wenn! It really doesn't matter how it turns out. If it's good then great..bonus..if it's crappy, then oh least you won't regret not trying. =) and it's only just the beginning. Don't behave like it's going to be the end of the world.

Yes, I'm turning to my blog for an outlet of expression again. Just not as hardworking as I used to be to write it all out. Typing seems to have an easier flow to it at times like this. I wish I am home right now, but being here somehow has it's type of freedom. But at the same feels kind of trapped.

Just browsed through some Holga and Lomography websites and blogs! falling in love! I want some of those accessories!!! darn it... I want a medium format camera as well.. I really love those square format photographs.

Just watched Bruce Lee, My Brother the other day.. It made me realised why I like photos so much..well one of the reasons and also how important it is.

okay. I'm stopping here...I'm on rambling mode again.

Bye and happy sleeping =)
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