I feel like I should go back to sleep! But the Sun is up, the room was bright and I just automatically woke up. Internal clock seems to be working again. First good news of the day. Morning always feels great, always get that nice cosy chilly feeling. The morning after a nights rain feels even better! 

I had 10 hours of sleep the night before which ended up at me waking up at 8 am. By lunch time I was about to start an experiment with my Holga and my UWS and I was lacking of supplies. Friends called to go out so with a bit of miscommunication a lil bit here and there, we ended up having lunch at around 3 pm! 

I was disappointed to see that one of the art/stationary shop in my college do not have the things I was looking for and that was like the BASIC material. What at letdown! I was so eager to start that experiment T_T So today, my mission is to find what I need! ;)

Then now the hard part...deciding what subject to pick on. *ponders*

Anyway, we went to the pastry place,  LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie at Jalan Delima,Off Imbi KL. The stupid thing was, the GPS took us to god knows where in Cheras, then only reaching that place. Took us nearly an hour when all we need is 15 or 20 minutes to reach from where we stay. By the time we reached there is was around 5'ish and most of the pastry,buns and whatnots were nearly finished. Bummer...=/ So, kind of a letdown as well, it has quite a nice environment but the type I was hoping for. 

The spaghetti is really worth it I suppose~ Bun's are alright, the macaroons are TINY! sweet and expensive..@_@ Why so crazy over macaroons?! Sheesh..I really don't get what is so special about it now that I've tasted it. I mean apart from the crazy colours . 

I guess I might take a second visit there to try to spaghetti's and hopefully the other varieties of pastries. 

Walked around, went to a local chocolate factory. Harriston...Erm, has the feeling like they were pushing us to buy the chocolate. But they were friendly..I bought Chili Dark chocolate..Since it's locally made..support local! I wanted to buy the Durian chocolate but it was too expensive =/ 

Then off to Pavilion and Lot 10. 

pictures are not in chronological order. 

Photo credits goes to Lee Shongen. =)

okay. I'm going to stop here. Lazy mode just went on. haha


bokeh effect is cool! I likes it a lot! XD 

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