Beginning of the holidays...somewhat

I'm on hyper mode now =)  well it started yesterday even though I was darn tired. But hyper mode was not turned on 100% cuz..yea well, my classmates might think I'm weird. -_- I'm already quite weird to them...sometimes. I feel it. =P

oops! forgot to mention...Morning!

I ran out of Milo so I am down to drinking Nescafe coffee which by the way gives me the caffeine effect. I have to stop drinking coffee for a while. I would like to maintain the "I don't usually drink coffee" attitude and don't really like the idea of relying on coffee so much.

Critic part 2(b) is officially over ;)

You know what I realised yesterday? I am starting to think that critic sessions is also a way to give entertainment to our lecturers. Yes, they do give critiques and point out the problems and yet at the same time..whatever we draw..there has to be. I repeat....there HAS to be something that tickled their funny bones. Well it's a good thing in a way that they have good imagination. ;) creative minds!

oh well. It's funny seeing them reacting this way. heee.... we shall never grow old! stay young at heart ;)

Some may not like it cuz it seems like their being making fun off.. Sometimes I don't know how I should respond.. Ah well, it's alright, they don't mean anything bad or harm.

Critic wasn't too bad, as usual, work on it and fix A LOT of problems. haha project is not really the over the top type. Some projects are really good cuz you can explore and go crazy with it. I guess mine is a little bit safe? haha XD ahh well...why not right? If I can enjoy doing it, if I can learn something from it then it's already good.

Watched Warrior's Way yesterday and I do not recommend this movie to be watched in cinemas or to be watched at all!

The effect was really bad, the way the scene was set... The storyline wasn't good. When the movie ended in my mind I was thinking "where's the climax? did we miss it?!"

And the booking process made me go nuts! It took me 30 minutes to book 7 tickets. I was literally killing my mouse. Clicking it non-stop..cuz the link won't react to the mouse licks clicks.

and the funny part, I forgot to tell 2 of my friends that we were not watching TRON because it is not released yet and throughout the whole movie they were wondering why is it so different. ROFL XD I'm so so so sorry and it's so funny at the same time. They are too cute. haha

I got home, and by 10 something I'm already in bed till 8 am. My body auto woke up. It has rested enough. 10 hours of amazing guilt free sleep! oh yessss...haha  All I want to do is indulge in everything I like. But I have to put that aside. Probably a few days of indulging. Because think it about it, 3 weeks is NOT LONG and my semester 6 is NOT OVER yet.

But going to take a tini tiny break for now.

*scheming look* muahahaha..what shall I do what shall I do~

have a great weekend! ;)
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