26th December 2010

To my surprise, water lily really smells heavenly. One day, I hope that I will remember to have lots of them growing in my home. 

How was Christmas? All the gifts I received this year was great! I got what I wanted unknowingly. Like I thought of getting a new bag and both my brothers got me bags. haha 

I wasn't in the whole Chrismassy mood this year. I was pretty depressed to be honest, I just didn't feel the mood. It was no point pretending as well cause that would make me feel even more sick. I just cried and wrote and it felt better afterwards. The reason? Nothing to pinpoint on actually. Just one of those days when your mood just doesn't feel right.

I've been cooping up at home, in my room drowning myself in TV, Movies, sleep and books. Just one heck of a lazy lifestyle. Except for that day when I went to Taman Botani with Emily, XinYun and SauLi. That was a good day. I rode a bike! It has been so long like since I was in Primary School. Makes me feel like getting one. I forgot how nice it felt..haha

I'll share the pictures soon and lets just hope the first roll from my LC-A + is safe. *fingers crossed*

Yeah, a week left before college begins. haha 2 more months and then something new begins! 1 week to gear up myself =P

It's been a good well rested holiday. The night is still young =)

Time to reflect on 2010 and gear up for 2011. Prepare resolutions! (I never seem to remember mine. haha I just make them as I go along)

I think just focus on being happy is a good start. =) all good things come when you are happy.BYE!
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