21st December 2010

Remember what I said about having a few days of indulgence and then it's back to work? 

Well...it phailed max. T_T I had more than one week of indulgence. Ahh...love hate relationship of holidays. I wonder how is everyone doing? Perhaps I'm the only one left behind now =( I will have to face the music...

*press the panic button*

I'm so tired today. Went to Wangsa to shift back most of my stuff and at the same time run some errands. I wish I have a big ass car to drive today. Not only that, I wished I had 8 hands too so I can carry a lot more things. I had to go up and down using the elevator 5 times today.  5 TIMES! fml

by the time I told myself enough cuz I was so tired, my housemate came back. 

I just need one more trip to bring back all the big bulky stuff like table, chair and computer table (which I haven't unscrew) Shifting is really big business, all the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking is all so tiring. I unloaded, but I haven't unpack. My room is a mess! When I cleared my dressing table and unpack ALL my clothes, I finished at 3 am. haha squeezed in between were movies of course =) 

Christmas is coming! awesome! Which means family dinner. I super like family dinner! haha since we all have different timing and live in different places. Family dinner is good. =D


Take care! byeeeee =)
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