It starts with a step and don't stop.

Never have I felt so tempted to stop. Reading quotes does not seem to help. I think that I should immerse myself into other activities. But what?

I should face I can grow from it. All I want to do now is run. Run as far as I can, start over again if I have to.

I don't have the will nor the discipline. I feel like a loser.

I can list down a whole list of things I don't like. Gosh, it's all in my head and I just can't get it out.

Nobody freaking cares and I just have to get that registered! How can I turn this thing around? There must be a way. How can I channel the focus into solving this rather than running away. There's a will, there's a way right? Now, to change the course into solving rather than

I rather have feelings than be numb.
I rather immersed in what I'm doing than to see and feel things that make me unhappy.

This bloody thing I'm going through is not over. shit. Almost there but not there.

I just want to shove it aside! Put a sign that says Go Away and Never Come Back!

Come on, this can be done!
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