I just hope it will go away

I'm just struggling to find the right words to express what I'm thinking and what I really want to talk about right now. 


Makes you feel temporarily better but it does not solve anything. 

Isn't it easier if there is a guide book that is created for when one faces a situation like this. So you can just open it up and see the "to do" part. Or instructions. 

But nah, no such thing. I think we humans are just too messed up and as time pass we just get even more messed up. 

I really don't get it. Just grow up lar... There is nothing fantastic about feasting on other people's weaknesses, embarrassment just for your own bloody entertainment. Honestly, yes, we all feel some sick comfort knowing that we are better than other or others are feeling or facing more trouble than us. 


I can't type it out. I can't bring myself to type it out but I need to rant. 


Day by day..

Today is another day. I go through it..these minor situations that these ppl seem to think or feel so interesting. I find it cheap and degrading. I'm annoyed and pissed.

What can I do?

Roll my eyes? Play invisible? Stand up? 

No point. 

Hello?! I'm intelligent enough to know what EXACTLY were you trying to convey. But I'll just play dumb. Maybe to make myself ignore the fact that it hurts and I will not let myself got through that pain. 

I don't know if I am strong enough to go through this, and the truth is there is no one that can go through it with me. It's a one man battle.

I may have all the support, but what if I don't have the strength? I feel bad if I can't pull this one through. I don't want to let anyone down including myself. 

To each they have their own shit to go through. I admire people who have that capability and the strength to pull through. 

To each they have their own form of escapism. Their own way of dealing with it. Just have to find minee.. 

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