The weather so great, and I was tired...what a great combination to snuggle in and have an early nights rest. 

but I just can't sleep right now and I'm hungry. I slept for awhile and now I'm wide awake. It's as though I just took a nap. No one to chat with at the moment, wondering what should I do. Read? Browse? Study? (not for my exam even though its just a few days away...@_@) Flip through magazine to get some pretty images in my mind?

Was thinking if I should go down and buy something to eat but decided to make a hot cup of Milo and oats. I've just used up my last packet for this night cap. Great. Well actually I have swiss roll...but I saw it grew mold.. T_T threw it away. *sits down pondering*

Why isn't there anyone that I could chat with now? =/ 

One of the reason why I'm rambling over here. 

Went to college, showed work. Today wasn't as bad as the last time. haha. Went off before the class actually ended. Can't really seem to do work in class. Too much distractions and it's like the situation is so vulnerable. You could be like thinking of something maybe of an idea suddenly when someone calls your name or say something....then...gone. Very disruptive. I think. 

Went to Wangsa Walk Mall, had tea time. Then it rained so heavily that we just decided to stay there...until dinner time. *faints* spend so many hours just seating there! Went to 3 different shop to eat. *face palm* That mall is seriously not very interesting. I only go there for the occasional Cold Storage, to eat Subway, Movies and maybe Popular. Which reminds me! I got another copy of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. I  prefer my brother's book cover design than this...but oh well. It's what the contents that matters. 

Err...well yeah. Ran out of things to say about today. 


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