18th November 2010

It's been so long since I stayed up really late.

I slept at 5 am today and woke up around 6-7 am'ish. Had our second critic Part A. My first critic..I was okay and when I presented I totally lost what I was going to present. My mind literally went blank!

Today, I was nervous as hell...I can feel my heartbeat against my chest. I was worried about that too because it feels like I'm putting too much strain on my heart. @_@

Suddenly when I start presenting, I felt calm. WEIRD. I know I didn't do enough, and have to explore. I'm just wondering how how how..what what whatt.... I had a not so good week. especially last few days. It was terrible. Stress gilerr..and it's showing...=( pimples on the face.

Came back, I took a nap. But it was bad, the door wasn't closed properly so it kept making creaking sounds...and the weather was hot. Woke up literally feeling like a zombie. Now it's raining cats and dogs!

Me wants bed and comforterrrr... next week. or this Saturday. ;)

Alright then. gonna figure out what am I going to do now. hee..

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