Waiting Day

The picture got nothing to do with it. I just like the green and the rawness of the brick together.

Today is officially Waiting Day. I went to fetch a friend from LRT Station and back to Wangsa. I was supposed to go Dataran Merdeka but waited for 4 hours. After settling my stuff, I was in the library. I went through 7 books in 4 hours. After waiting I was zombified.

It's like too many images too many words... I couldn't feel anymore.

So it was canceled. =(

Went for lunch, the waiter forgot to take the food order..he only saw the drinks order. So waited again until realised that the receipt did not have our food order! Waited again.

I feel really patient today!

omg omg omg..college is starting soon. I'm not feeling ready yet. Holidays aren't enough! I'm trying to build up the excitement. But I am not ready at all.

Wish me courage and strength. I'm gonna need it for this battle!
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