Everybody is talking about how their blogging mojo died. I'm tempted to use that phrase as well. But let's breach away from the norm for a moment.

So yeah, it's not like my blogging mojo died or what, it's just I've been lazy to blog and basically there is nothing much to share at the moment. Well, lately my post are becoming a little bit personal and emotional. College started and the same fears came up again. One of the reason why I stop blogging for a bit. I don't want to write out those fears again.

Came back home on Friday, and goodness it feels so damn good to be back home. Yes it's a little quiet and it can get boring but it just feels so good.

I just can't seem to start on my homework and it is already Sunday! I just wish I have one week of just being at home without having to go to College, or thinking about having to do college work. This shucks! =/

Need to purge out that motivation and inspiration to push myself! hahaha it sounds gross. Critic is on Thursday. I don't feel like starting or going back just yet. =)

Is there a need for a paradigm shift?
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