I'm craving for sneakers.

I want to buy shoes! I love heels and sneakers but right now I want to get sneakers.

Just found out about these lovelies. Saw them from a blog. The brand is Feiyue and it is originally a Shanghainese brand. It was the "IT" brand for those like martial arts. Like Nike for basketball. Apparently the brand was dying and the French people took over and revived it. I really like these, collaboration between Feiyue and some designer. I especially love the grey ones. <3 I wonder whats the average price for a pair.

Collaboration with Steph Cop.
This one really looks cool. Simple. Love it

Collaboration with Steph Cop
this one is really niceee

Collaboration with Cred

I wonder if I can get something similar. haha! I already have one that is green but it's hard to wear it out all the time. Cuz the design is really loud and awesome. =P

now all I can think about is awesome shoes. *gulps*

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