7 Oct 2010

The comfort feeling of home is so tempting. 

I lack the discipline and the will to just go out and get what I want.

Yesterday was one heck of a hot day. I even have marks on my feet! No pictures to share yet, it's all on film. =) But I didn't take much though. Too hot!

And today, I'm indoors the whole day! =/ I feel like going out for a walk but I'm just soooo lazy. I didn't even bother going out to get food. Dreary weather. I was about to start reading To Kill A Mockingbird when I realised page 7 to 30 is missing!

Going to try out Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie.Support Asian authors.


I just got my results! G.P.A improved but C.G.P.A maintained.. I'm puzzled.. I'm glad my GPA improved =) weeee...