5 in 1

5 days of fun in 1 week

Roof top garden @ Lot 10. Designed by Seksan, landscape architect. 

Having Chilis after more than one year.

Tried out a new place between Jalan Nagasari and Changkat Bukit Bintang. 
I want to go there again. Nice environment and nice music =) 
Felt like that was the life. Lifestyle. 

came back home with 2 cute surprises on my desk! My wish came true. Thank youuuu..
Darlings! haha

Sentul Park
Went for another exploration the next day. Definitely a memorable day.
Got lost, then found it by chance.

I felt down because of expectation or rather I felt cheated but no one can be blamed. So Just Swallow and Move On.

Missed a movie but it was fine.

Came home and got locked in the toilet for more than an hour.
Memorable no? =)

Mid Valley and The Gardens and Sunway Pyramid
Went out the 3rd day. Watched Charlie St. Cloud. Enjoyable movie. Great company.

That night was crazy.
I had fun. Definitely an experience!

Next day was packed too. No pictures though.
Watched Detective Dee.

5th day,

Watched eat.pray.love. 2 scenes are still stuck in my head. The movie made me cry and laugh. I wondered why. It just struck a chord in me.

Went out with friends to The Library.

First time.Interesting. Noisy. Enjoyable.

Now I have to think what I shall do for the rest of the days =)

I'm not joining the Penang Trip. Maybe some other time.