Today is

Almost the end of the first week of holiday. What have I achieved? A whole lot of sleeping. Officially married to the bed.

Went back to Wangsa today and when I got back, I tried to settle down...but it didn't work. I was thinking what on Earth was I doing there. I tried doing homework but it didn't really work. I was thinking I could visit a library later today( yes I realised its 3 in the morning) but I didn't realise that today is Malaysia Day. -_- a Public Holiday. Why do libraries have to be closed on Public Holidays. That is like the best time to go out and see places. Shall take note of that.

I couldn't go to PJ because:

  1. I don't know the way
  2. I won't make it in time to have enough time to look around.
darn it! So I went to Monash Library instead. OMGOSH... The place is actually quite pleasant to be at. I wish I was studying in an environment like that. T_T (I will leave that story another day)

Their Library was way more comfortable and better maintained than our National Library.

After that I went back home again. I feel good that I'm back. I can't believe that until now, I feel awkward doing my work when people are around me. I feel so good when I'm in my room doing my own thing. haha (should I consider staying home more often to do my work?) =/

I just heard some news just now regarding the "labeling" of our batch this year. I find it harsh and uncalled for. Can people just stop comparing and just deal in/with the situation?! I think comparing may strike competition but at the same time it could ruin a person's self esteem. to bed now. I want to get a few pages of Shogun before I hit it off. 

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