Out of words. 

I just can't wait for my film to get developed.. 5 rolls. *loves*

I feel like going far far away. I wish I was home. I feel like doing everything that is the opposite of what I'm doing. I feel like sleeping. I wish this is over. I wish I know. 

How does it feel to be happy all the time? is there such thing?

What if I just started walking and kept walking without knowing where I will reach?

Just *spinning* 

I want to be the tea~ Reading that article brought tears to my eyes. Hit straight to the core.. To know is one thing, to understand is another. 


I want to learn so many more other things. I want to re learn some of the things I've learn. To unlearn whatever I have learnt.

Gonna take a nap.

Hope I don't end up sleeping..hehe!

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