I need more practice

The weather right now is absolutely heavenly. I'm in love with weathers like this. It's been raining, it's windy and cold. Great for those who love to stay at home =)

I wouldn't mind if it was sunny, then probably can think of a place to go too or something. 

Went to college today to submit our programming, I thought we had a presentation but it turns out we just had to submit for them to review first then only present. On Monday or something. -_-

Mine is pretty messy and honestly it doesn't look good. heeee...Visual Presentation not good. I admit. I just hope it's going to be fine and I can go to sem 6. Anyway, I've handed it in, no reason to keep pondering on it anymore. haha

Currently reading 

My dad's book. Highly recommended by my family members. hahaha according to my bro its a must read book and so far I have to agree. While you are reading you can actually feel the suspense and it makes you read faster or slower depending on the mood of the situation. Although I don't understand some of the words they used or the things they are describing but it's really quite the book you won't wanna put down. It's a novel about Japan. It kind of gives you and insight on how Japan is all about. 

Remember I said about developing 5 rolls of film? Yeah, it's not very successful.  A lot didn't turn out well... needs a lot more practice. ^^

Here are just some to share.

dying tree

over sized slipper, pj's and electric blue nails. <3 haha

Kobe, Japan


Haru-chan! I miss her =/ Ikeda, Osaka

Kyoto, Japan


Wangsa Maju Metroview

haha roomie's chipmunk

multiple exposure

All of these shots were taken by Holga 135BC and UWS. I feel I need to experiment again. With something new this time. 

Okie then, today is my STRESS-FREE day =) 

off to do other stuff