I know you're gonna catch me when I fall

Not hardworking enough to update this blog! =/

Sean's farewell~ missing him

Sometimes it hurts to find out things that you don't want to hear. Before, I would hate to hear it and I would want to know more. So it entices that dramatic feeling~

I know, it's sad drama and it adds complexity into it. In other words, SENDIRI CARI PASAL.

Which is totally unnecessary! 

Learning to appreciate simple. Cut off all the unnecessary ends. So yeah, it sucks and hurts to hear stuff like this, but it happens everywhere. It just depends until what level it reach and how tolerating each party towards this situation. 

So, less fuel to it, the fire burns smaller. Be a little ignorant and you will walk by it unscathed. As long as you don't hurt and don't get hurt in the process. Simple enough? I hope so =)

It's good to see old buddies

And just to stand tall, accept it and just forget about it makes a big difference. Sometimes its good to say "who cares"

Probably going home tomorrow, I want to be home more often. I'm more excited than ever in some ways. It feels good. 

but it's also great to meet new people 

hrm..Lets see, about college?

Just showed lecturer work the research work that I've been trying to work on. Erm...It didn't turn out so well. No wonder I was mixed up and confused. I have to start from the beginning again and I'm running out of time >.< 

Exam is on Monday and the CAD homework is not making me happy. I JUST DON'T WANT TO TOUCH IT. T_T Just have that stubborn feeling =/

All I can think about now is RAYA holidays! haha I'm actually excited for it. The chance to finally start my hobbies again. I brought watercolour paint to Wangsa, hopefully I can start watercolour painting again. I have not painted for almost 2 years. I have to learn to sketch again, learn to paint again. Start from basic again. (yes I suck at drawing)

But after the holidays we have to pass up our Programming Report. Time Management is CRUCIAL

the amount of appreciation i have right now 

for the people who taught me directly and indirectly
for the people who inspired me
for the people who helped me

especially when you didn't know. never know

just to help me get through this, it is indescribable. 

Because you,

helped me stand from a fall
teach me to walk when I've forgotten the steps
helped me look at the world straight in the eye
helped me revive my fallen hopes and dreams
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