Got to FOCUS =)

I'm not very happy at the moment =/ 

I planned to go back today, go back for the weekend until Raya Holidays. But I can't, so I'm sulking. 

I'll get over it. Got to finish this homework!


(Ventings and Ramblings)
Arghhh I feel so cheated =( But I can't talk to anyone about it just yet. I just have swallow this bitter pill and just get myself immersed in other stuff. Just a little while more I tell myself. I can't imagine if next time if I have to face this again. I don't know if I can accept it. 

you have no idea how badly I just want to *BLAH* this whole thing out right now. I could nearly explode but I could get myself into deep shit. =P and the very last thing I want right now is drama please. 

So...get a glass of water or maybe something sweet is preferable and SWALLOW. so that you can just move on =)



Here's some news on the bright side.. Sin Hui managed to recover most of my pictures!!! *loves!* Thank you so so so much. 

Most of the pictures from the first 5 days of my trip in Japan were saved! There are some which are damaged, some can't be viewed and some which are just gone. But still! Most were saved. 500++ pictures. 

Here's just a few to share! =) 

This is at Ikea IKEDA shrine.
It's really old, around 500 over years old. Now it's under refurbishment. It's not as popular as the other ones but it feels just as good. 
Yi Tian and Jen Han. Both Yi Tian and I stayed together and near Jen Han's and Kenji's place. Our families are friends! 
Ken-chan! *coughs* I mean Kenji and Yi Tian. I'm so glad that all these photos were recovered. I think the first 5 days was the best. =) because I was still in awe and in the "trying to adapt" mode.
cute toddler! at Ikeda zoo. This is like a small petting zoo in the zoo. Parents bring their children out. Under the hot hot sun. But it feels good, very outgoing and family oriented. 

Fushimi-san. I miss her a lot! She's Jen's and Kenji's host mum. 75 years old! Still fit and healthy. She treated us soft ice-cream on that day. To welcome us to IKEDA. Sweett =)

Her house is situated on a slope/hill. To walk to her house is like suicidal. I would be sweating from head to toe..Dripping with sweat. No wonder she is so healthy! I hope I would get to see her again. 

A children's play ground. It's made out of wood as you can see. That's why I think it is so special. Feels like old school or perhaps traditional in the sense of it's usage of materials. But still so strong and children still play with them. I mean look at it! It doesn't have those kindergarten/circus colours but it still functions well and children love them.

Humble and approachable in its material and colour but function and purpose-wise is there. SIMPLE
For children to play, be hands on, explore, get their minds working haha

okay, this thing is kinda scary for me. haha balance. Oh this is Kenji by the way.

a sculpture which shows a bridge. But don't you think it looks like two big people passing small people from one side to the other? 
IKEDA castle 

host mama and host children. 

GIANT BELL. haha I'm stating the obvious. =P
Okay then, that's all I got for today. =) gotta remember to FOCUS!

my first time taking instant pic! haha I was so happy and high, like as though I had a couple of drinks. But I only had a cup of coffee..@_@

Me lurvesss instant pic effect..

with love~
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