and it's all coming back to me now

Guessed what, I found my old school uniform in the laundry room today and I tried it on!

oh my goodness, memories flooded back into my mind! I remember waking up early every morning, its like a routine. Wake up, shower, get dressed, get hair done, morning drink and off to school early!

haha. school uniforms.long,baggy,shapeless.
ignore messy dressing table and my birthday card that has a picture of a muscled man. -_-
I kind of miss school uniforms in a way. cuz you don't have to bother thinking what to wear
the tie missing. I don't know where it went. Sold it off perhaps. 
The feelings all came back to me. Meeting friends,classmates and fellow prefects early in the mornings. Starting morning duties. Assembly. After assembly duties or meetings..going up to class and the day would just pass like that.Either something exciting might happen or its just an ordinary day. Next morning, whole process repeats.

I can't believe I wore that uniform everyday, since I was in form 2, long sleeves, tie, vest or blazer. Gosh!

I missed it very much. No matter how busy you were with the the activities it was fun. It's always fun. I prefer then than now. I hope my "soon to be" moments would be better than my "now" moments too. *fingers crossed!*

Of course at that time, moment sometimes it sucks, cuz of boring ceramahs, or school work. Teachers being a pain in the butt. Or you found out or exam results are bad, a friend just ticked you off. Many factors but now looking back and you think,"ahhh good times".

I wonder if I could say that about college life after I graduate. hrmmm

=) Haha I looked WAY dorkier in high school! seriously!
still dorky in some ways =P

I still remember all the school rules about hair and hemlines. freedom of expression whatsoever.

Though no progress on college work, I had fun. haha.

Those who are already in college or whatsoever, I hope you guys are still keeping some memories of your student life. Primary or secondary. Its a must! Those who are still studying in secondary school, seriously, when they say you better enjoy it, it's really important THAT YOU DO ENJOY IT. And keep things as memories, note books, uniforms, anything!
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