18th September 2010

Morning all! I know it's nearly 3 in the morning and no I'm not staying up late to do my homework. I just missed my sleeping time as in right now, I don't feel sleepy anymore.

 2 days ago, my family attended a wedding dinner in Malacca. Venue was at Equatorial Malacca. I slept really late the night before and I woke up early thinking of going to college. Yes, on a Saturday~ But in the end I came to my senses. Thank goodness!

I liked the chandelier. 

It was my sister-in-law's sisters' wedding. Got it right?

I enjoyed it, even though at the beginning I was feeling all awkward and all and miserable because I felt zombie'ish which made me sarcastic and very anti many things. At that time I could be thinking that inviting people to wedding dinners, especially if you don't know who are the other guest is really pointless. You will feel awkward the whole way through and that overcomes the "celebratory" situation of the whole wedding dinner. Which technically supposed to be the opposite.

Eldest bro.me.parents.second bro missing in action.
>.< gained weight. gotta do something about it!

But honestly, from all the wedding dinners that I could remember attending, this one is one of the prettiest or most well decorated one.

I think the backdrop is quite nice. =) 


For me, some of highlights were:

  • first time seeing the bride & groom, parents of both side making speeches
  • they used bubbles!!! really pretty~
  • beautiful decoration
  • dance floor
  • nice choice of music
and the best part? in my whole 20 years of life...yes including the years where I was in diapers and couldn't talk.. I see my parents dancing together! Even my brothers have not seen them dance! Historical moment =)
It was awesome and I got my first slow dance. haha thanks to my dad... Reminds me of the movie "What a Girl Wants" starring Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth. 

=) my second bro and sister in law. <3

Drove back home after that, I slept all the way back home. =P

Weddings are actually really joyous. I mean, it's really nice to see when people having a good time with each other, young and old. See them really not afraid to have a good time, laugh and just have plain fun. No fuss no muss.

chocolate gift box. ;)

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