Right before entering the van and off to KLIA

Feel so out of touch with the blogging network. Haven't been updating myself with all the blogs that I follow and whats going on with my friends life. Suddenly so many things have changed.

Just found out today that Westar/Artshop increased the price of the butter paper. Crazy expensive now.


Coming back from Japan, kind of hard to adapt because we had 3 weeks of amazing experience in Japan. Suddenly we have to come back and everything just hits us in the face with no mercy. That's how life goes on. Thats how it feels. Everything moves on even if you don't.

It's impossible for me to post about 3 weeks of Japan in 1 or 2 post. No way that is going to happen. At least not with me. I have homework to do and a life to lead! I'm just going to share some pictures whenever possible and talk about it when I have the chance. It's really a bad time now, I just came back in a somewhat critical timing.

Thai Airways. Colourful =) Bold

But coming back from Japan, it's just AMAZING. I still get chills whenever I think about it...I fell in love with the experience there. How I feel is seriously indescribable. Not because I get to go Japan ( that point helps though =P) but because of the chance for me to see something different, meet with different people such as people from other countries and also from Malaysia.