My own Journey

Sometimes I just wish that I could just drop everything and leave. Leave to explore. See other parts of the world, feel how blessed I am to be here. To have my family, to have friends to have the opportunity to enjoy. Screw all these feelings of negativity. The truth is, we all have to feel the bad stuff before we can appreciate or even acknowledge the good stuff. 

But I can't just drop everything and go. Unless I absolutely do not care about anything else in the world other than to do what I want to do.

I always feel that I am not doing good enough. How to solve that? someone asked... I answered," I don't know".

Simple answer to a simple question would be to... Exert More Effort. Simple.

Simplicity plays a great value. There is a lot of effort put into simplicity. (okay, I'm going off topic now)

Yes, keep checking on myself. Exert more effort. I just wasted the whole day. So I'm feeling extreme guilt now. It's not gonna get me anywhere is it? with all these worries of time I've wasted. Time to get into gear.

At Bangkok airport.

It feels good to go with a group of people that you may not know so well or may not know at all. Going, getting to know each other and learning from each other.

now the thing that is hardest to do but most crucial~ Keeping in touch and not loosing what you've learn.

Finally in Japan, can't describe the feeling that you are in another country. Alone. With people you have yet to get to know. The Journey has already begun!

Unexpectedness awaits you. I think that is the best. Research might prepare you, but if you haven't done any (like me) GREAT! because you have no idea what are things going to be like. SURPRISE!

It took my breathe away. The intensity of how I felt at that moment, when I thought "I am finally here" while looking at this view.