In my own terms

I am who I am. That does not mean I won't change. Change is a part of the process of how we go through everything. I am learning to embrace that process. 

I am more reserved. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Maybe in the past I was more pushed forward. Maybe I'm a lot more mellowed down now. But there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe I see things differently now. That does not mean I don't have dreams, goals or wants. 

Being reserved, being normal does not mean I do not care. Does not mean I do not want. 

Right now, I just want to be neutral. 

There is a constant debate within me;

It's important to be like this because that is what everyone is doing. That is how you would succeed or get through it. I used to think, if I don't follow then I'm out of the game. But the thing is, who sets the game?

Okay, I admit, I'm not all great or good. I am still influenced and it's important to have your own set of thinking and standing on your own ground. I am not there yet.

As I said, I am more reserved. God knows why I am like this. I wondered if I was ever like this before?

Yeah, well..insecurity just struck me today. I feel like going to that emo corner of mine and sulk..worry endlessly. I'm almost entering that zone again. But not this time, that zone is off limits. I am smarter than that.

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