We really wouldn't know..so just go with the flow

My day started off pretty okay, it was the kind of feeling that makes you want to do things and make things happen somehow. I would say there was a possibility of it of being a good day. But when I left work that time, I was just feeling so so. Feeling kind of empty, I was kind of feeling bad (well not sure whether I should be feeling that way) and almost to emo mode. But then I thought about it and decided not to because it wasn't my fault at all~

Chatted with Linda, it was good =) But still, I felt a little emotionless, almost feeling down but then I suddenly remembered the things that happened today that made me laughed. Felt better hehe..

But in the end, my Friday night ended great! Had dinner with my housemates and went to checked if there were any movies. There wasn't so we went for pool instead, which FIY I don't know how to play. So learn lo.. Not bad, learnt something new today. haha damn funny. Thanks to them =)

Managed to go Archidex today! ^^V

I find it a lot more nicer than HomeDec! Nicer things to see =) But really, I didn't really know what to do there. My colleagues were like asking for prices and about the material. I was just looking, touching and just experiencing the environmenttt..haha! One day, I will be able to attend the talks hehe I heard it's quite good.

I have a few things on my "to get" list! Related to Japan trip, my new interest at the moment and 2 books. I find it really really interesting and it was strongly recommended. I'm going to find a way to get it..haha Just the matter of time.

Till the next entry!

good night.
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