Not the right time to spill

July july july =) Hello July, hope that this would be a fantastic month of July!

Archidex started today! *cross fingers!* I wish to go! These pass few days, I've been so damn free. There was once, I actually had nothing to do from morning till evening. I feel so wasted and excess baggage. I didn't have a computer to do the 3D and there is not updates whatsoever. But now I think I am going to be busy again! I just hope I could get to go Archidex. I missed it last year, and I hope I won't miss this years one. 

Lots of things to prepare and think about, but I'm not letting it crowd my mind. Come on la, I gotta learn how to enjoy my life! I'm only 20 years old. Still a student, still young, still capable, still single! hahaha Too bad my schedule is pretty tight at the moment. 

Upgrading myself, getting a hobby, enjoying, I can't fit them all. I'm planning to start a hobby, and I'm somewhat preparing for it. It's taking a long time really, but I can feel that it is going to be sooooo worth it. <3 !

So many things to do! I'm feeling ecstatic! *big grins!*

haha I know I'm not being specific but once it's all confirm I'm going to scribble it all here. I have so much things that I want to tell, but I can't. At least not at the moment, thats why I have a diary and a blog. Hahaha 

Went on a date with Yee Ann, lol'ed. We watched The A-Team, that movie is funny! I like it, I can't wait to watch Knight and Day, She's out of my League, The Back-up Plan and Toy Story. See, so many movies on my to watch list. My to do list is not complete either. 

okay, I better get some sleep! If not I will be late to work tomorrow.=) 

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