Amped Up

I'm aliveeee!!! 

Past 2 days, internet connection was totally PMS'ing on me. And last 2 days, I totally did not log into Facebook and MSN at work cause 3 days ago I got "tegur'ed" by one of the boss. -_-" 

What can I say? I was in the wrong, it felt really sucky and come on... I wasn't the only one...=/ But yeah, how would u feel? At least after that, I stopped it and concentrate on my work. =) moving on..

Anyway, it's here! 

My baby that I was talking about. It's not a who, it's a what! On the day it arrived, I bought a fresh roll of film. 12 frames. 

I experimented, in one night, I used up the 12 frames.

I even went and got it developed. But to my funny horror this is what came out.


see! nothing..blank processed film!

No joke, I paid deposit of RM10 and I only got refunded RM5 because I had to pay for processing fee. Paid 5 bucks for processing and empty film!   Lesson learnt? 


Freaking hilarious, because I was so amped up to take the shots and get it developed. So lucky that I decided to experiment with it first, it turns out I didn't insert the film properly. Thats why...=/ What if I went somewhere and took so many pictures and I came back with nothing? O_O I really wouldn't find it funny anymore.. 

But now I'm facing a prob, I can't seem to know whether I've used up the film or not, the Frame Counter window only has 1 and 2..doesn't go further that. I won't know if I've finished it or not. 

Uncertain future doesn't mean bleak future

Don't know whats gotten into me this week, I feel really hyper at times and I have intense craving for music,art/design and shopping! Which pretty much sums up my life at the moment. oh oh! movies too.. I just watched It's Complicated~

Want to know what I think?

I shouldn't have listened to people who told me not to watch this in the cinema. I think it is totally worth it to watch it in the cinema. The trailer doesn't do much justice to how funny this movie really is. So worth it, I'm going to watch it again! 

 Currently reading The Architecture of Happiness.

 A book that we were asked to buy by Mr Khairul, FYI it's not cheap. I finally started reading it, I'm enjoying it so far. Up until now, it doesn't talk about architecture itself, or design but rather it talks about how architecture affects us. The way we look at it, the way buildings communicate to us as how works of art communicate with society. It brings back memories, of what we've seen before and that is how we study and relate with it. Perhaps the image it portrays, big, stable,powerful or maybe soft, delicate and light. 

Sometimes, we enter an art museum, and you can see people staring at works of art. You, too, stare at it...sometimes I do that, but in my mind, I could be thinking of what on Earth is this artwork trying to portray? 

I think the topic is debatable, and there isn't any pretty, colourful pictures in them if some of you might be wondering. It's all black and white. I think I have to read it the second time to have a full understanding towards its context.

this book appeared in 500 DAYS OF SUMMER the movie. *wink*

Have a great weekend ;)