Gotta let it out~

10 days and counting. *jumps around* 

I seriously sometimes find myself hard to believe that this is happening! Still have to remain calm, I'm really hoping that all our visas are approved! *fingers crossed!*

I woke up late again =/ I forgot to set my alarm and I woke up at 7.45am!

Something is bugging me and I can't figure out what is it. =/ I want to talk to someone about random topics, stupid stuff, joke and laugh till my tummy hurts and cry. 

I still feel drained. Although things are getting better, a lot better I have to say and I'm really grateful and appreciative of that. But I still feel drained.. I haven't reach that point yet, I haven't achieve what I want yet, academically, emotionally, I asking too much of myself? Tell me, who can I talk to? No one. No one can solve this for me but me. 

I wonder, if this was all meant to be, then I must hang in there. I know I've lost it all at one point. But I'm getting back up, I was in a dark hole but I am starting to see the light. I find it difficult, I sometimes feel like quitting and start searching for something else. It's the pressure I put on myself, which perhaps might kill me one day.

I can't help but wonder where will this bring me, what if I just decided to stop? I have no backup plan, I really want to end it with something I am satisfied about, my own level of satisfaction not just cause I want to get it over with. My future is uncertain, I may or may not be a designer but me doing this course, going through this is my journey to discover what I may possibly be. 

I want to be in this art and design world, I want to be a part of it. It's really amazing to see the passion people have. I want to feel that passion for it, I wonder where mine went

I think it went on a holiday without notifying me.

well, I just have to keep moving forward! We all do, us youth, this generation of youth has yet to make a mark in this world!


I really wish my baby is here right now. I can't wait for my baby to arriveeee! Wanna know about it? Wait till my baby comes then I'll show. 

iwannalaughiwannalaughiwannalaughiwannalaughiwannalaughiwannalaughiwannalaughiwannalaugh until I cry. Or maybe cry until I laugh, lacking of emotion and excitement! *wants to watch Knight and Day!*

Excuse my weirdness, I lack of human contact today, didn't really talk much to anyone. Okay, I'm going off to watch a movie.

Have good night =)
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