Jack and Daniel's farewell at @live, Sunway Pyramid.

This post is over due. haha

But yeah, it was their farewell and these are all my colleagues. It was interesting, my first time to a bar/club and drinking outside with non family members or bff's.

haha. After that we had a second round with some of them at Asia Cafe. I guess after effects of drinking a lot? To calm down and fill up the tummy.

The interesting experience from this?

I got locked out of my room because my roommate thought I went back to Shah Alam. So I was back home, INFUSED with cigarette smoke and alcohol. All I wanted to do was to shower, wash off all the smell and make up away. But the only thing I could do was wash my face, T_T. I couldn't find the key to the room so I was stuck outside till morning. haha what an experience.

Enjoyed it a lot. =)
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