It makes you real. Feelings that is..

Have you had the feeling of just cuddling up with someone you're close with? Snuggling up in your bed, with the air conditioning just set at the right temperature, getting cozy with your comforter with a book or getting ready to watch a movie. Paired with chocolate chip cookies and milk perhaps? 

That is exactly what I feel like doing. I want that comforting feeling right now. 

You can say I am feeling all mushed up. I just want to talk to someone..heart to heart.  haha I doubt you can call this being emo. I'm not being emo. I'm just being mushed up. I had to stay in the office until quite late today. I overslept and reached office 15 minutes late. @_@


I feel robotic, typing out the on going events of my daily life. Which is nothing much by the way. Learning, adapting, re-discovering. 

It's a yearning, the feeling I am having is a yearning. I won't describe much in there about it. Not that I can't, it's I won't. 

I want to have a good weekend. =)

I want to get my hair trimmed! I want to call my parents. Tried calling but no one picked up..and today I can't call at all because I was so busy. RAWRRR

I want to do photoshop! I have an idea in my head, got a subject to work on too. A few projects. haha I just learnt how to make fisheye with photoshop. Weee! my new craving for the moment. I still can't get over lomography. I want one pronto! I still can't make up my mind. I love the colour and effect of it. 


I think that is enough of "I wants" for one post. My "JackDaniel's" entry is still in draft. Stay tune!

With love.
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