It got me thinking

I got to come back early yesterday. Well, somewhat early =) though I didn't have much sleep I felt energetic. I felt like I had to watch a movie so I opted for Lovely Bones. Bought the DVD a week ago, I enjoyed the movie very much. I mean, it's not like your typical action movie that is a "must watch" in cinemas. I don't really believe it's only those type of movies must be watched in the cinema. haha

I'm sure almost everyone know what is the story about. Story about a 14 yr old girl, Susie Salmon who got murdered. She tells the story of how she got murdered and how lives of people around here changed in pursuit to find her body and her murderer. The story shows that she was in this "in between" world. A world between Earth and Heaven.

From what I watched, I feel like it's trying to tell us that in every event that has happened, we must learn to let go. Let nature take it's course because nature has a way of knowing how things should end up. It is just the matter of time. But some part of the movie made me feel like, it's important to fight for what you believe in. (hrmm maybe not the right explanation to use) but something like that, what made me thought of it that way is due to the way how Susie could have cross over and went to Heaven, but she saw something and felt that she had to do it before

23rd June 2010

Dear blog,

I actually could come back way earlier than yesterday. After re-doing the mood board, I was actually free. haha. Feels so odd and not right. But it was fun, chatted with my colleague. Found out that 3D max version 2010 has a new and interesting plug in. Gosh, I'm tempted....

My supervisor, Justin came back and asked if I was interested to join the meeting with the client. I jumped to the opportunity to go for these things and I said yes. Since I had no plans for the night...(technically not true, I don't have plans with anyone. but I had plans for myself haha)

So, we took the material board and the book, and walked to Nikko Hotel. I think it was about 6.45pm.. We waited until the client came. Sweet lady =) The meeting ended almost 9 pm.

While I was there, I was thinking, next time..will I be in that same situation? Presenting, explaining to the client, proposing something nice and beautiful and yet giving the client what they want. I never imagined myself to be in that situation. It was an interesting thought. So many interesting things to learn but how do we learn it all?

I don't know if this is what I want for my future. I won't know until I realised what I'm doing. Wait till I graduate and further study. Who knows, things will change. Today, as I was walking back home, wind was blowing and I see my shadow. I see my hair flying, I see my own silhouette walking and wondering.

We have so many things to learn, there are so many things I would like to do, so many things I would like to pursue. So many things I would like to know. But do we have time for all of it?

 omg, I'm so tired, I'm falling asleep as I'm typing this. I just a lot of thoughts in my head quite recently, it happens when I'm not doing much, or I'm walking to work or back from work. Especially at night, when I see my shadow as I'm walking back to my condo.
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