I feel zombie like. Damn emo today. I am having emo Tuesday. Actually I've been emo'ing since yesterday night. Even now, I a little bit emo.

Went "yum cha" with my housemates. I purposely ordered Nescafe Ice. Which resulted...sleeping at 4.30 am!! Zombified me today. Stayed back at office to finish up the sketches and photocopy them. My supervisor and his gf offered me a lift back home. =) yay..

Which reminds me, I thought about working life..and today life in the office is down. Working..Busy doing what we have to do. Because that is what we're paid to do. Suddenly I thought.."oh shit, what's my future gonna be like?!" I mean..I'm not a kid anymore. I'm 20 years old. Entering adulthood and I'm sitting there sketching wondering how blur my future is right now. Nobody can predict what is going to happen.


Oh, I finally got my pay today! although yes, it's not much but its like..I worked, and I got paid.. Really worked as an intern. lolx. Not some part time job to fill up time after SPM. haha although this is part of our course programme. But we're working ppl! 

I hope tomorrow will be a better day! =)

I spent my whole day sketching. It's been so long. I hope my sketches are readable. Lolx. I love to see Interior Designer's sketches. Me likes a lot! 

So sleepy. I think I'm gonna hit the hay soon.

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