Broga Hill 2010

I'm starting to feel a little rusty. After not blogging for so long. I'm a little rusty and stuck at the moment.

I had a good 20th Birthday. Not crazy and wild type just nice fun and got surprised by my friends. So now I'm 20 going on 21!

I love the surprise and cakes from friends. Love the watch from parents. Love the card from Sean. Love the earrings from Jvon all the way from Canada and Love the necklace from darling Sau Li =)

haha anyway,

Broga Hill is beautiful. I wouldn't mind going there again really. For the scenery. Maybe the next time I have the chance to see the sunrise. 

Got a small bee sting too before the hike up. First time indeed.


When I got my colour back. "colour on my cheeks" I really lost touch with hiking and outdoor activities as such. The hike up, I wasn't feeling so well, low stamina. Got pale and stuff but after that I felt better than before, so continued back up with Kai Yuan.

There were so many people! We didn't get to see the sunrise, cuz it was raining the night before. We reached a little bit late too.

There are 5 peaks. The last peak is the hardest, only Leong climbed up to the last peak. Too bad we couldn't stay longer, it started raining and we were worried it will get dangerous. Some part of the views are nice some part are just so so..its rather grassy. It just depends how you look at it.

Maybe while looking at these grassy land you can imagine a different sort of feel of the view. It really depends what you expect.

I saw some old people hiking up and down. Wow, great admiration for them. So fit! I saw some people who didn't dress properly for the hike like pumps, nice shirts and tights, some even wore slippers.

Please, if you're planning to go Broga Hill, insect repellent or mosquito repellent is necessary! No joke, you can forget to bring your water (well because you can still buy it there) but you cannot forget your insect repellent.

If not you will end up like us with tons of mosquito bites. EVERYWHERE.

If you're feeling for a good hike, I think it's quite a good choice. Felt good after the hike, when I came back home, showered and slept straight on for 4/5 hours. Felt so good!

Hope I get to go again one day. =)

Next mission to try, Skytrex and Sentul park! <3

with love
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