Nice going wenn...

Why did I reply like that? why why why....I feel like I just replied in a way like some young,cute,perky high school girl.. *shivers* no offence to young,cute,perky high school girls. Well cause, I'm not in high school anymoreee...and sigh *shakes head*

this is driving me nuts. well..not this particular thing..just this whole matter.I need to get my mind off in pronto! I should stop giving myself a hard time about it too.. I mean like, okay, fine..since I think I made the wrong reply then so be it! no point kicking myself about it cuz it's OVERRR. Just, next time...give a better reply. haha

( I don't know why I'm typing in this way, talking to everyone as though everyone know what is going on)

It's 3 am for goodness sake.

Okay, I have to go and do something else rather than think about this whole matter... if not, I'll just burst! I keep randomly talking about it but it doesn't seem to give me the solution. Maybe the solution is there, just that I haven't spot it yet.


Hope you guys have a good sleep

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