22nd June 2010

I wonder if I am able to get some sleep tonight?

My day started early today. Had to be in college by 10.30am, we had our briefing for our Japan trip on July18th. Discussion, then went to see Ms Ooi to discuss more things. After that we had our lunch and off to class. While having the briefing, I received a message, have to prepare the necessary drawings by today(since its already 1 am) 5pm.

The 3D isn't complete. Rendering and also I have 2 more views to amend. So yeah, do you think I would get some sleep? I want to get it done, so that when I go to work later I'm sure there are other things that has to be done.

I had a good weekend =) Sat, after class we went to Fullhouse, ate and took pictureeess =) but of all days, I chose that day to not bring my camera..curses. Fullhouse is quite okay, not exactly as magical as I thought it would be =P from all the pictures I've seen. But it isn't too bad.  After that we head to Sunway Pyramid. Wanted to go ice skating but some didn't want to it was just window shopping and steamboat. We spent 3 hours eating steamboat. Crab was good and fresh "la la" was good too. I don't know what it is called~

Apart from all that, I'm telling myself to get over it and move on. Though sometimes I just can't help but to stay on with it. But I think it's damn obvious that I have to move on.



Like a friend who said that, when you know it isn't right, don't keep pushing on it..because it probably means something better is coming along and is more suited for you. Not the exact words but basically like that.

with love

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