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Every morning, I walked down this way to get to the LRT. Thinking how nice if I could just snooze a little longer. haha. It doesn't feel that dramatic, the picture just looks better in black and white. I calculated, with internship, I get 30 minutes of walk everyday, at least. 10 mins to the LRT station and another 5 or so to the office. Double that and ta-da! 30 minutes. =)

I wonder when is the time where I permanently have to wear spectacles? o.O

My eyes has been feeling small, tired and swollen. As is its not small enough already. -__-" Been putting eye drops, want to avoid dry red eyes. No such thing as over dose of eye drops is there?

This is the view that I see after walking pass OSK building. Behind OSK plaza is where I worked, area called Megan Avenue. The view is quite nice actually, minus the people, parking signs and cars. haha

This is the part I see people walking to work, buying breakfast from the aunties. I see how people dress to work. The shoes they wear etc.

I'm getting used to the working environment but still not very familiar. I guess as the newbie, we are the ones that have to make the first move and don't stop asking.. =P haha

Here's my rendered view for my NY cafe project. I'm happy with my 3D because I think I improved a lot since last Semester. Of course got a lot more things to improve not only in 3D but design wise as well. Need to amplify my creativity level!

Tell me what do you guys think. I don't mind opinions and criticism.

view from the entrance. the frosted glass effect worked! 
yes, I did not ps'ed a view into the background. this is another view of the seating next to the entrance
view of the outdoor seating with the skyline which looks kind of messy. lol
view at the service counter. I like this a lot because of the menu board. Typed those words out man. haha
And below is my presentation board. I was so unlucky that morning! I should have spray mounted on the paper instead of on the board and also sprayed less. =( Once I sticked, the reaction of the glue with the foam board caused my paper to swell up. The effect can be seen below...sobs

Damn sakit man, spend that amount of money on the printing and just to be ruined by extra spritz of spray mount..

looks like I totally crushed up my paper. lol
My formatting and photoshop skills really needs improving. Overall, I got okay comments. Mixed, not good, not that bad either. I was afraid that they were going to say neither here nor there. Ms Ooi said that to me last time, and it was how I exactly felt.

Hearing those words from her, actually is quite scary. I don't want to be "neither here nor there" its like being in the middle of no where. Unknown identity. Like the movie "The Terminal" where the character Tom Hanks played became stateless.


I'm pleased with it..hehe

with love,
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